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Pet Digital Radiology

Digital x-rays assist in diagnosing illness & injury.

Digital radiology is the new conventional film x-ray. Digital x-rays allow us to better diagnose and treat sick and injured pets by providing us with high quality imaging results and reducing overall radiation exposure. They can capture digital images of both the body and teeth. 

To keep your pet calm, a short acting sedative may be needed. We now offer digital radiography including digital intraoral radiographs for dental x-rays. Digital radiographs provide higher quality images over traditional processing with x-ray films. Since there is no film development process you can often see your pet's x-rays in the exam room and the doctor can zoom in to show you areas of concern. This aids in diagnosing medical problems faster and in discussing treatment options sooner. The digital images can be burned on a CD or viewed on the internet by a radiologist for further evaluation if needed. In addition, we have a portable digital radiograph unit for our on-farm calls which allows radiographs to be viewed immediately.

If your pet is experiencing pain and you’re unable to identify the cause, reach out to us at (440) 647-4100.

Pet Radiology