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Pet Health Articles


In addition to information on the Emergency Pet Care page, here is some useful information.

Canine Emergencies
This presents common emergencies that you should be prepared to handle; anaphylaxis, bite wounds or injuries, bleeding, burns, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, enclampsia, heart failure, heat stroke, poisoning or unconsciousness.

Canine First Aid
First Aid Kit
CPR on Dogs

This chart may help you if you ever need to perform CPR on your dog.


Here are some helpful training tips for your dog.

Barking Problems
Benefits of Training Your Dog
Training Your Dog to Come When Called
Teaching Your Dog Tricks
Down On Cue
Help Your Dog At The Vet's
"Real Life" Training
Sit On Cue
Importance of Socializing Your Dog
Teach Your Dog To Play With Toys
Wait or Stay On Cue
Walking Without Pulling
Training Your New Puppy

Small Animal Care 


Pet Loss & Euthanasia
Is Your Dog or Cat a Senior?
How to keep your aging pet healthy for as long as possible.
Microchipping Your Pet
We recommend microchipping your pet as the best, most reliable method of permanently identifying pets and helping them find their way home should they become lost.
Wellness Testing
Is your pet healthy or hiding a disease? Wellness testing is an easy, stress-free way to ensure your pet's lifelong well-being.

Equine Health Care

Alpaca Health Care