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Pet Behavior Counseling 

Common pet behavioral problems and treatment plans.

A veterinarian is professionally trained in assessing behavior problems. We can help diagnose the specific problem and recommend appropriate action. Most importantly, if your pet has developed an unpleasant behavior, the first thing we need to do is rule out underlying health issues. 
In many cases, a behavior problem will be one we've seen before. And for many problems, there are tried and true remedies. 

Do some behavior problems require medication?

We will always try behavior modification first. However, there are some cases where medication, used in conjunction with behavior modification, can help to manage a problem. Of course, we'll discuss the pros and cons of any treatment with you so you can better choose what's best for your pet.

Behavior Consultations

If you need help coping and understanding your pet's behavior, we are here to assist you. Through a behavior consultation, we gather information regarding possible causes and contributing factors of the problematic behavior to make a diagnosis and an individualized behavior modification plan that fits your pet's needs.

Call us at (440) 647-4100 to discuss your pet's behavior needs.

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