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Equine Care

Keep your horse healthy.

We provide a full range of equine services to keep your horse happy and healthy. We are also offer pre-purchase exams and address lameness. Our ultrasound services can assist with reproduction, and we also have portable x-ray device to help us in the field. 
•    Routine Health Care and Vaccinations
We recommend an annual physical examination including a dental exam and nutritional evaluation. We provide a full range of vaccinations appropriate for your horse's risk factors. Our Equine Wellness Plans ensure your horse is getting the proper wellness care and early illness detection.

  • Dentistry
    • We recommend teeth evaluations and offer power floating services. 
  • Parasite Control
    • We recommend fecal evaluations for parasite control.
  • Reproductive Services
    • We provide reproductive management including Ultrasounds for breeding and pregnancy, artificial insemination, uterine cultures, uterine biopsies, and cytology. Neonatal care includes IgG testing and plasma transfusions when there is a failure of passive transfer.
  • Digital Radiology
    • Our portable digital x-ray unit offers on-farm radiographs and evaluation for lameness and pre-purchase exams. 
  • Surgery
    • We offer castrations, laceration repair, mass removals and more.
  • Medical care
    • We offer comprehensive medical care and treatment for colic, lameness, respiratory illness, skin disorders, and more. 
  • Labwork
    • We offer routine and diagnostic labwork such as Coggins, CBC, electrolytes, metabolic panels, hormone testing,  and more. 

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